How To Choose A Wedding Photographer.

We put together wedding photographer selection tips below based on our experience and the feedback of our customers. This is our attempt to help you choose the best wedding photographer for your wedding.

Why can't you just open the Yellow Book and pick any photographer? You can but it means that you don't realize the drawbacks associated with this choice. By reading our Wedding Photographer Selection Tips Article you'll learn the importance of carefully selecting a wedding photographer. We are not after the ultimate truth, the objective is to give you head start and make you aware of issues that we deem important when it comes to a wedding photographer selection.

Practical Guide To Kids Modeling.

So, you want your child to become a model.

Where do you start? Who can help? How much do you have to pay?

We've been through all these questions ourselves when Galina decided to make our 2 year daughter, - Kate, a model. This article will share our experience and outline all the issues that you have to watch for during this interesting journey into the world of children modeling.

Want To Become a Model?

New York is full of various modeling agencies eager to take your money with lots of promises of a high fashion world career. Practically all of them give nothing in return except for a seriously overpriced photo album a.k.a. "modeling portfolio".

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