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New York is full of various modeling agencies eager to take your money with lots of promises of a high fashion world career. Practically all of them give nothing in return except for a seriously overpriced photo album a.k.a. "modeling portfolio".

D&G Photography Studio doesn't not work this way. We certainly will take very nice pictures of you and can create a professional portfolio album. We can submit your composite card to the top modeling agencies in New York or teach you how to do it yourself. But this is all that we can do for you. You'll have to pay for your shots but we don't charge extra for creating illusions and broken promises that many other businesses do in order to get more money from their clients.

Modeling business doesn't work this way and whoever tells you otherwise is trying to mislead you. Only real modeling agencies, and there is a handful of them in New York, can provide you with decent and well paid jobs on a continuous basis.

Call us at 1.845.725.7865 to book a photo shoot with D&G Photostudio.

You will get a set of prints after the job is done and your pictures will be uploaded to our website in either private or public gallery - your choice and kept there for 3 years. You'll get a CD with high resolution images of all the shots as well. You will not be paid for this work.

If you are interested, please send a photo to info@dgphotostudio.com with your picture, height, weight and age specified. Please indicate when and how you would like to be contacted.

If you are pierced or tattooed please specify. Race or complexity don't matter. Please indicate whether you'd be willing to do nude or partial nude pictures.

Call us to schedule your free appointment at 1.845.725.7865 or just email us for more information info@dgphotostudio.com.

Please read about modeling scams from below online resources prior to making any commitments:

Learn about modeling scams from ModelingAdvice.com

Very thorough resource on modeling scams by ModelingScams.org

An extensive article with real life examples by the Crimes of Persuasion

A useful guide to modeling by InstantCast

Avoid Modeling Scams by Valencia Higuer

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