Hi, I am Galina Samsonov, a photographer and a mother of two successful child models employed by one of the top 5 modeling agencies in the world since 2004.

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If you are wondering how to get your child into modeling business - you have come to the right place. Being in child modeling business since 2004 I have acquired priceless knowledge that I am going to share with you to make your journey into children modeling business easy.

In 5 minutes you will know everything you need to know on how to make your child a model without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars and wasting time on empty promises by various scammers. The information offered on this page is free and have helped hundreds of people to start their children's modeling careers. Everything I say here is based on my extensive experience and knowledge of children modeling business acquired since 2004.

Without knowing how to navigate through the extremely deceiving world of children modeling you are exposing yourself to significant risk of losing time and money without gaining any results aside from headaches, stress and aggravations. Lots of people out there are ready to take your hard earned money in exchange for fairy tales and empty promises.

I have experienced these issues myself at early stages of my children’s modeling career. This page is my attempt to educate you on how to detect and avoid children modeling scams and make your child a model in a most efficient and cost effective way.

By spending 5 minutes on reading free information below:
1. You’ll be able to distinguish a real modeling agency from a modeling scam.
2. You’ll be able to save hundreds of dollars and lots of your valuable time by avoiding scams.
3. You’ll understand the most cost and time effective process of entering modeling world.
4. You’ll be well prepared for rejections and know how to retry.
5. You’ll know how to handle success.

If you still have questions after reading - I am available for a phone call consultation that will give you an opportunity to get your questions answered.

By purchasing my consultation, you will receive:
1. A 30 minute personal phone consultation with me
2. A list of top agencies in New York and instructions on contacting them
3. A review of your child's photos and suggestions on how to make them look appealing to real modeling agencies
4. Inside information on how to dress, do hair and behave during your interview with the agencies.

If you want to save your valuable time, avoid spending hundreds of dollars and know how to clearly identify scams - I will guide you through this over a phone call and provide all of the above information, a list of REAL agencies and instructions on contacting them. I will review your child's photo and suggest on potential improvements, I will also give you valuable tips that I've learned over these years in children modeling on how to deal with children modeling agents. If I see potential in your child, I will submit the pictures to the agents I know and prepare you for an interview with them if the agents show interest. Purchasing my package does not guarantee any interviews. Anyone who is making promises of this sort is likely a scam artist.

I do not guarantee any placements with any agencies. Neither do I promise you a guaranteed interview with them. As you’ll learn from my children modeling article below – promises of this sort indicate scam. What I can guarantee is that you will be educated on how to get proper attention and not get rejected for stupid reasons. The majority of kids are rejected because of the mistakes their parents make not because of their looks.

Some samples of feedback I receive from the fans:
"Galina, I want to thank you for your assistance and expertise in helping find the right agency for our son. Many people told us how photogenic our boy is but sending photos to agencies hung unresolved. We did recieve responses from firms that wanted to charge for their services but after reading your informative articles we soon realized there is a better way. With the assistance that you graciously offered he has been scooped up immediately and within days landed his first photo shoot. Thank you for all your help. - Dan and Kim Shelden"

"Thank you so much!!! My daughter has an agent in North Carolina, but I'm ready to try and get her one in NY too! Your article was very helpful!!! - Shanna Summers"

"Thank you sooo much for your article. For a while now my friends have suggested I get my daughter into modeling. I've been so afraid to so because of all of the scams that I read about but you have cleared everything for me. - Juliette Saa"

"Thanks for the tips... Got a call from Abrams for an interview...!!!! - Hyun Jin Rebekah Lee"

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I wish You a successful and painless journey into the world of Children Modeling!

Below article on children modeling is my gift to all of you wondering where to start and what to do.

How To Make Your Child A Model Without Spending Hundreds of Dollars.
In 2004, I decided to try my then 2-year daughter Kate in modeling. I had no idea where to start; I didn’t know who to ask for an advice. All I had was a firm belief that my daughter would make a great model. I started searching for clues on the Internet and boy did I found a myriad of various agencies and offers! It seemed that everyone out there was waiting for Kate to start. All I had to do was to make an appointment.

I started booking appointments with agencies in New York and New Jersey to find out more. It was an easy process, someone extremely nice was always on the other end of the phone and in a day I had made about 5 appointments. I was happy and amazed how easy it was.

The first company we went to show Kate was absolutely amazed by her. The conversation was flowing very seamlessly, examples of extremely successful children making thousands of dollars were presented to us, and some serious earnings were mentioned as a possibility. I caught myself eager to sign up and start working immediately. The agency had the contract ready. All I had to do is to sign and agree to their fees.

They also casually mentioned that Kate needs a portfolio and that their photographer would do one for her. The overall cost of a photo shoot, the portfolio book and some other fees totaled close to $600. Thinking that I’d like to see some other agencies prior to signing up I asked for some time to think. The agency didn’t like that at all and put some additional pressures to get us sign up but I managed to escape.

Needless to say that all other agencies I attended or called gave me the same experience and I understood that I was being scammed. It took me a very long time to compile bits and pieces of information on how to properly submit a picture of my child to a real modeling agency. Eventually I got it right and by now Kate has become a very successful model and my son is currently making solid progress in there as well.

You may be wondering where to start, who to reach out to answer your questions and whether the money You are spending on Your child's modeling career are well invested.
As I mentioned above I've been through all these questions in 2004 when I decided to try my then 2 years daughter in modeling. As of this writing Kate is a well-known model with a solid portfolio. She made a cover of Vogue Bambini in 2008, established a successful TV commercials career and worked for pretty much all major clothing companies. My son is following Kate's path and his modeling career is quickly picking up as well. He has been in Vogue Bambini many times and works for Ralph Lauren, J.Crew, Macy's and many other companies. Both of my kids have a contract with one of the top modeling agencies in New York.

I wish I had someone to guide me through the process of getting into the business back in 2004 and share all of the information I am about to share with your then.

Part I. Initial research. Learn how to avoid scams.
There are many ways to start looking for information on children modeling. Most people start by searching Google for something like "kids modeling".
The results are amazing. There are hundreds if not thousands of companies that presumably want your child. Sounds good, doesn't it?! The market must be hot and your kid is almost a model,- all it takes is to call and make an appointment!

Once you call, most of these companies would schedule an appointment within a very short time frame. You'll be treated very nice upon the arrival, - lots of compliments, smiles, etc.

They will show you many pictures of kids allegedly made models by them. Very interesting earning numbers will be casually mentioned. Pictures of kids that make these moneys will be shown. You might quickly realize that kid looks much more prettier, hence your chances are pretty high, right? They might give you a story how wonderful the life of a child model is, how nicely vendors treat their kids and that you'll have private "go sees" without having to wait in lines.

Once you get to a company like this, the smartest thing you should do is to leave right away. The business model of these agencies is very clever. Before your child starts making money through them, if ever, you will be charged initially and the fee will not be small. This way, even if your child never gets a job they still would make very good money off you and people like you.

You'll probably pay them around $400-$600+ for a photo shoot session with your kid and get a photo album a.k.a portfolio for you to take to the castings a.k.a. "go sees". They may charge additional fee for posting your child's picture on their website. You'll most likely will be offered to sign a contract on the spot. Be very careful with those contracts and never sign anything without having your lawyer review it first. Read it yourself as well as lawyers make mistakes and it is your child's career that may get seriously screwed up.

At the end, you'll need to invest from $400 to $1000 to "make" your child a model with these agencies. Unfortunately, the money spent don't guarantee anything at all.
At best you are buying a very expensive photo album of your child’s pictures.

Please remember just this one point that should stick to your mind forever:
Portfolio is NOT needed to enter kids modeling world. At all. Period.
Companies that offer it as a prerequisite are in the business of selling dreams. These companies make enough money on people like you. Not a single real modeling agency works with these companies. I have never seen anyone coming to jobs that my children are doing from an agency other than top 10 in NY. Think about it.

Is there any other way? Certainly. A very easy one, actually.

Facts that everyone needs to know about modeling agencies in New York.

1. Real agencies in NYC don't charge a single $ for reviewing children’s snapshots. The submission is free as well.

2. Please note: All you need to send is a snapshot unless they specifically ask otherwise.

3. Usually a real Modeling Agency will not make an appointment with you without seeing a snapshot of your child first.

4. If a real agency calls you for an appointment you will not be charged or offered any portfolio deals. At least not until your child gets a few jobs done and they may see a benefit of making a portfolio for him or her. Some agencies might pay for it, some will ask you to pay but your child would be a working model by then. Nothing wrong in taking some of the earning and investing them into the further career advancement.

5. Top modeling agencies need new kids but they don't charge you for doing business with them. They charge clients that hire their models and then take a percentage from that amount before paying you for the work done. I feel like saying it over again to ensure this settles in your mind.

6. Last, but not the least, the real modeling agencies will not guarantee work for your child or promise any special treatments when it comes to "go sees" or jobs. Unless it is a requested "go see" specifically set up for your child, you will be standing in line with everyone else.

Part II. You know what a real modeling agency is but how do you get to it?

1. Search the web for top NYC modeling agencies and find out their submission requirements.

2. Take a few snapshots of your kid.

3. Send the snapshots to each agency as per their requirements listed on their sites.

That's all there is to it. If you purchased my package, I will guide you through the process and provide additional tips that will help making your submission stand out.

At this point you know how to tell a real agency from a fake one. You know how to find best NY agencies and how to submit your child to them. Let’s move on to a very important part of the process - dealing with rejections.

Part III. How to deal with rejections by children modeling agencies.

1. Don't get frustrated. You must not. It is a process, that's all. The letter you received probably suggested to try again later. They actually mean it. Kids grow and change a lot within months and agencies always look for new faces.

2. Take new snapshots with another haircut may be or a different angle or choice of clothes (make it plain though) and try sending these letters again in a month or so.

Always remember. If your goal is to make your child a model you should never give up and keep trying as the industry needs different looks and there are opportunities for everyone.

Part IV. The Success. How to deal with it and what to expect.
Getting accepted is an accomplishment of a great magnitude. Staying in the industry takes some serious sacrifices of time, - both yours and your child’s as well as consistent effort and persistency.

1. If your child is accepted by a modeling agency, how fast things will become busy depends on luck and your willingness to attend lots of "go sees". In case of my daughter it took about 7 months. I know kids who didn’t have this period at all.

2. If your child is accepted by several agencies and you have hard times to decide which one to choose, - I can share my views based on our experience with them. However, the decision is totally yours. Make sure that you don't work with several of modeling agencies at the same time. There is very little benefit in it and consequences can be very bad for you.

3. Be prepared to get very short notice calls from your agency about next day jobs or "go sees". Sometimes they can call at 5PM or even later in the day but normally there is enough time to re-schedule your plans.

4. In the beginning of your child's career, you may go for a lot of "go sees" and they would not seem to work out. It is very important not to get discouraged and skip on the "go sees" because most companies keep the snapshots "on file" for a long time and you may get called for work later on.

5. If you live outside of New York, you will need to get used to driving through Manhattan's "jungles" and get used to paying $25+/hr for parking fees. Pretty soon you'll know all the best parking spaces in downtown and midtown areas.

6. If you get vacations days at work, you'll probably be taking them for going to work with your child.

Part V. Children Modeling. Is it worth the effort?.

Is it worth it? It depends on your objective. I've seen parents who do nothing but this work with their kids. Most children love doing modeling as this is fun for them. At the same time it is also very hard work believe it or not. As a result, children learn how to be responsible, work in a team environment and control their emotions from a very early age.

Of course there is a monetary factor present as well. Most of the parents I know never tell their children that they are earning anything. The rationale is not to hide the earnings from them but to concentrate on the fun and creative aspects of this work.

One boy's father once told me that even no one in the family including grand-mother and uncle know that his 6 year old son works in modeling for 4 years. We find it to be a bit of a stretch but everyone is different.

It is up to you how you want to handle this issue with your children. We are just commenting on what we see around us.

So now that you know the deal, you may ask what's there in it for me to tell you all the "trade" secrets of children modeling business. The answer is rather simple. I have placed many kids into modeling through the top modeling agencies in New York. Some children have quit because their parents couldn't handle the load, some still do it and quite successfully.

I also hate the industry of lies and deceits that has grown so big charging hopeful parents crazy amounts of money by selling fake promises that there seem to be no way to stop it. This is my attempt to shed some light on this industry and making you aware of it. It is your choice to use it or not.

Finally, I enjoy the process. I love to see my kids on cover pages, on the web, on huge posters of Macy's and other big name stores. It makes me feel good and allows me to meet new people, learn of what they do and show them what I can do for them.

Thank you for reading this article. Do drop me a note if you find this information useful.
You can use my FaceBook page to leave your feedback.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on children modeling and learned some useful information. If you did - please recommend this article to others:

With Love,

P. S.
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